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What do you recommend to breakdown the salt in the power head?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

(Question submitted by Don)

Salt water is naturally corrosive so to put it simply prevention is the best cure. Unfortunately, once you have a salt buildup in around the heads and side plates, there is really no option other than to book it in for a service so that your technician can take the engine apart and clean the water galleries for the cooling system.

Salt build up in the side plate of a 200HP Suzuki outboard boat motor
PICTURED: Salt build up in side plate

There are products on the market that help clean the water galleries in the engine (like Salt Away), but you really need to use these from day one when flushing your motors.

Those products are really designed to help prevent salt build ups, not break them down once they've accrued.

This is why properly flushing your motors is so important.



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