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Terms and Conditions

EDENCRAFT MARINE recommends all persons comply with their local boating regulations and are familiar with safe boating practices. Please refer to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority if residing in Australia.


Excluding warranty arrangements, the contents of this website do not form part of any contractual agreement. This website is designed to provide you with an introduction to Edencraft Marine products and services. Edencraft Marine reserves the right at any time, at its discretion, and without notice, to discontinue or change the range of products available and to either permanently or temporarily withdraw any such products from the market without incurring any liability to any prospective purchaser.


Full payment is required prior to the collection of a vessel after service, or upon the collection of a new vessel. Vessels NOT collected and paid for in full at the completion of work will incur a $15.00 inc GST storage fee per day from the completion of work until the time of payment and collection of the vessel.


Always consult with Edencraft Marine directly for the latest information with respect to services, products and parts available.

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