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How much does an outboard service cost?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Outboard servicing can be a hidden cost of boat ownership.

The fact is you get what you pay for.

A simple equation explains the price of your outboard service:

Cost of labour + cost of parts = total price of service

Some important factors determine the price of your labour & parts:

  • HP

  • Type of outboard

  • Cost of parts

  • Quality of service

Horse Power

Simply, the larger the outboard the longer it takes to service & the higher price you’ll pay.

Type of Outboard

Some outboard brands/models are easier to service than others, helping to bring your labour costs down.

Others are more difficult, meaning the same service takes longer to perform.

Four stroke servicing is also slightly more expensive due to engine oil & oil filter prices, which you don’t pay for with a two stroke.

Cost of Parts

Cost of parts can vary significantly between jobs & be quite a substantial cost in some cases.

Factors such as the age of outboard, its condition & how recently it’s been serviced impact the likelihood of needing parts.

The worse the current condition of the outboard, the more likely you’ll incur higher cost of parts (HINT: follow our guide to proper flushing technique to help keep your engine in great condition).

Quality of Service

Just like you'd pay more for a more skilled & experience chippy to knock up your decking, marine technicians vary in the quality of their work.

If you want a quality service that you can rely on, then you'll pay more than the bloke who is chasing a quick backyard tune-up.

And when they're working on something that keeps you safely out of the water - we think it’s vital to get quality work.

Here's a rough price guide for a 70-115HP outboard:

  • New motor 3 month service: $250 - $300 plus parts (approx)

  • Basic service: $250 – $300 plus parts (approx)

  • Full service/12 month service: $300 - $350 plus parts (approx)

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Do you need to service your boat? Our team of technicians at Edencraft Marine have over fifty years experience in the industry. We're still yet to come across a problem we can't solve!

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