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Edencraft Marine help restore Ian's Glasspar G3 and Kiekhaefer Mercury

We recently assisted Ian from the Queenscliff Maritime Museum with the restoration of a 1960 Glasspar G3, complete with a 1961 Kiekhaefer Mercury 85hp.

With the project now finished and on display at at the museum, Ian rallied the troops and organised a photoshoot to capture the project in all it’s glory (and combine his two loves of boating and photography).

So this slightly nervous photographer from Edencraft ventured down to Queenscliff to lend his camera to the cause. But any nerves were soon settled as Ian took charge of the most organised photo shoot we’d been apart of!

With his characteristic gusto, Ian wasn’t content with simply photographing the boat indoors. Luckily it was a sentiment we shared, and so we happily followed along as Ian scouted the area and organised a vintage Mustang to tow the boat to a few picturesque locations nearby.

The weather was fittingly glorious and the boat looked absolutely pristine – it wasn’t hard to make the boat look good!

Ian assured us that it wasn’t always in this condition. Originally built in Santa Ana, California in 1960, this particular boat had collected a few battle scars over the years and was in need of rescue with some TLC.

Not to be disheartened, Ian was in need of a new project so he rolled up his sleeves & hit the project head on. Encouraged by early results, he quickly enlisted the help of a few friends to restore the boat to it’s former glory.

Many hands make light work and the finished result was well worth the effort!

Congratulations to Ian and the rest of the team – it’s a fantastic little bit of history and we loved having the opportunity to contribute our small bit of help and photograph it!

If you’d like to check out the boat in person, we recommend visiting the Queenscliff Maritime Museum where it’s on display (among many other fantastic exhibits).

It’s the ideal day trip or school holiday activity – visit their website for more information:

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